1. WeMake: WeMake is a makerspace located in Milan that fosters collaboration between engineers, designers, and social entrepreneurs. It provides access to tools and resources for prototyping and manufacturing, enabling social enterprises to develop innovative solutions to social problems. For example, WeMake has supported projects such as low-cost prosthetic limbs and sustainable housing solutions for disadvantaged communities.
  2. Coders for Rights: Coders for Rights is a project that brings together engineers and human rights activists to develop technology-based solutions for promoting and protecting human rights. Based in Rome, this initiative has created mobile apps, websites, and digital tools to support various human rights causes, such as migrant rights, gender equality, and environmental justice.
  3. Ecopneus: Ecopneus is an Italian social enterprise that focuses on the recycling and sustainable management of end-of-life tires. By collaborating with engineers and researchers, Ecopneus has developed innovative processes for recycling tires into new materials, such as rubberized asphalt for road construction and playground surfaces. This initiative not only addresses environmental concerns but also creates employment opportunities and supports local communities.
  4. OpenDot: OpenDot is a design and innovation lab based in Milan that collaborates with social enterprises to develop inclusive and accessible products and services. By integrating principles of universal design and co-creation, OpenDot works with engineers, designers, and users to create solutions that meet the needs of diverse populations, including people with disabilities and marginalized communities.
  5. Impact Hub Milano: Impact Hub Milano is a co-working space and incubator for social innovation projects. It provides support to entrepreneurs and startups working on social and environmental issues, including those that require engineering expertise. Through mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding, Impact Hub Milano helps social enterprises leverage engineering solutions to maximize their impact and sustainability.
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