Overview of SE and Legal Framework in Republic of Moldova Social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova is shaped and regulated by Law No. 845/1992. This legal framework defines social entrepreneurship, outlines its operational activities, and lays down the conditions for obtaining the status of social enterprises and integration enterprises. A social enterprise in Moldova […]


Overview of VET System The vocational education and training (VET) system in Luxembourg is an extensive and well- organized framework aimed at providing learners practical abilities and expertise, important for the engineering profession. In charge of managing the national VET system in Luxembourg is the Ministry of National Education, Childhood, and Youth, while it is […]


Overview of Education and VET System in Italy Italy has a well-developed education system that encompasses both general education and vocational education and training (VET). The education system in Italy is overseen by the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (MIUR), which establishes educational policies and guidelines. ➢ General Education: In Italy, education is compulsory […]


Overview of Education and VET System The education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in Greece is structured and regulated by the Ministry of Education, Research, and Religious Affairs. It encompasses various levels of education, from primary to tertiary, and provides opportunities for both academic and vocational training. ➢ Primary Education: Compulsory education in […]


Although the Azerbaijani social enterprise ecosystem is at a preliminary stage, it has several promising characteristics and already existing passionate social entrepreneurs and ecosystem supporters. As a matter of fact, there are already several existing social enterprises with a growing awareness of the potential of social enterprise as a means to create impact as a […]


Education plays a fundamental role in shaping the future of individuals and societies, serving as a cornerstone for personal growth, economic development, and social progress. In Austria, a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and commitment to excellence, the education system holds a prominent position. This chapter aims to provide a comprehensive overview of […]


Social entrepreneurship is still at an early stage of development in Armenia. Companies operating in the social economy sector in Armenia are not recognized by any status, and there are no comprehensive studies covering this topic. The majority of the several dozen existing social enterprises in the country seem to have been set up using […]