What is S.E. VET?

S.E. VET acts around two thematic areas:

  • professional development of VET personnel (including teachers & trainers)


  • the establishment of key competences of social entrepreneurship into the wide VET engineering sector.



On November 30th, 2023 the “Business and Education Partnership” (BEP) Foundation, in collaboration with the Lori Regional State College as a partner in the “Eastern Partnership Development of Social Entrepreneurship Structures for VET Institutions” project, hosted a round table discussion under the “Development of Capacities in VET” program.
🔖 This dynamic session unfolded at the Yerevan State College of Technology, representing a departure from our customary venue of hotels. The decision to host the event at our esteemed partner college was intentional, fostering a more collaborative and immersive atmosphere.
🔖 This choice not only created a unique ambiance but also garnered the attention of stakeholders towards Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions. By emphasizing the significance of VET education and institutions for the economy and labor market, we aimed to elevate their importance in the eyes of key stakeholders.
🔖 The round table centered around the prerequisites for establishing social enterprises in the engineering field, delving into the challenges and development trends of existing social enterprises, as well as addressing the problems and obstacles faced by such enterprises.
🔖 Attendances were directors and teachers from engineering and IT VET institutions, representatives from NGOs, and employers from the sector, all of whom collaborate closely with the colleges.
🔖 The foundation’s president Ms. Jamkochian delivered a comprehensive presentation on the program, highlighting its relevance and necessity for RA colleges. The discussion covered challenges, opportunities, potential avenues for cooperation, and other pertinent aspects of the initiative.