What is S.E. VET?

S.E. VET acts around two thematic areas:

  • professional development of VET personnel (including teachers & trainers)


  • the establishment of key competences of social entrepreneurship into the wide VET engineering sector.



Education HUB organized a #RoundTable entitled “Social Entrepreneurship and Vocational Education: Innovative Solutions and Challenges” in cooperation with the State Agency for Vocational Education on November 3, 2023.

📌 The Roundtable took place within “Developing Social Entrepreneurship schemes for VET institutions in Neighbourhood East” project.

📌 The project is implemented jointly with the EaP countries and European countries – Italy, Greece, Austria and Luxembourg. The official consortium partner in Azerbaijan is Education HUB.


🖇️ Gulnara Ismailova, Program Manager of Education HUB, made an opening speech. During her speech, she gave detailed information about the “Development of Social Entrepreneurship Schemes for Vocational Education Institutes” Program.

🖇️ Mrs. Ismailova informed participants of the event that a survey will be conducted among vocational education employees, students and interested parties of the labor market in the near future.

🖇️ Nigar Ismayilzade-Asgarova, deputy head of the Department of Work with Employers and Innovative Projects of the State Agency for Vocational Education, emphasized the importance of establishing a dialogue between Vocational Education Institutions and the private sector, as well as learning new international practices for vocational schools.

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