SE VET focuses on two main areas:
1. The professional development of vocational education personnel, including teachers and trainers.
2. The establishment of key competencies in social entrepreneurship within the extended field of vocational education and training.
To achieve these goals, the SE VET project aims to establish a connection between vocational education institutions (NE-Berufsbildungseinrichtungen) and the job market.
The objective is to better align vocational education curricula with local job market opportunities through continuous engagement with labor market stakeholders. Furthermore, the development of the 'SE VET Capacity Building Programme' will assist vocational education personnel in enhancing their skills and competencies related to the concept of social entrepreneurship.
They will then transmit this concept to vocational education students, preparing them to develop and establish social entrepreneurship activities to address socio-economic challenges in the Northeast region.
Continuous development of training programs for vocational education learners, along with the provision of support from trained vocational education personnel in the field of social entrepreneurship, will enhance the level of competencies, skills, and employment potential of vocational education professionals.
By bringing together VET personnel, experienced EU VET institutions and market-linked stakeholders, S.E VET focuses on advancing VET staff’s knowledge and understanding around social entrepreneurship through the smooth integration of the concept into educational curricula.

Advancing the capacity of VET learners around social entrepreneurship through establishing training schemes, S.E VET aims to multiplying employment opportunities, job growth, & increase capacity & flexibility on battling demographic phenomena under local, national or even international context.

By eradicating VET structural limitations through bringing education and labour market into a common ground, socio- economic problems could be improved leading to EU-N.E synergies and development of new opportunities.

What we do?

The main objective of the S.E.VET project is to improve vocational education and training (VET) through the incorporation of social entrepreneurship principles.
This project will be implemented in six countries and is expected to last for a period of 36 months, with a specific focus on enhancing VET programs.


1.    Strengthen VET Programs:
The project aims to enhance the quality and effectiveness of vocational education and training programs within the participating countries.
2.    PromoteSocial Entrepreneurship:
Beyond the immediate scope of VET, the project strives to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship among students and educators.

3. Enhance SkillsDevelopment:
It seeks to improve the skill set of VET participants, making them better equipped for the job market and encouraging entrepreneurship.

4. Facilitate Cross-Country
Collaboration: The project intends to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among the six participating countries, allowing for shared insights and best practices.
5. Long-Term Impact
By incorporating social entrepreneuship principles, the project aspires to create lasting changes in the VET landscape, benefitting both individuals and communities.

6. Dissemination of Knowledge:
It aims to disseminate the knowledge gained from the project widely, both within the participating countries and beyond, to contribute to the broader advancement of VET and social entrepreneuship.