1st Consortium Meeting

🔖 the S.E.VET 1st Consortium Meeting!
📍 4-5 April 2024 S.E.VET partner organizations gathered together for the hybrid meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan hosting by Education HUB. 🇪🇺🇦🇿
🔖 During the meeting partners shared best-practices of projects they have been implementing within the S.E.VET action plan.


On November 30th, 2023 the “Business and Education Partnership” (BEP) Foundation, in collaboration with the Lori Regional State College as a partner in the “Eastern Partnership Development of Social Entrepreneurship Structures for VET Institutions” project, hosted a round table discussion under the “Development of Capacities in VET” program.

🔖 This dynamic session unfolded at the Yerevan State College of Technology, representing a departure from our customary venue of hotels. The decision to host the event at our esteemed partner college was intentional, fostering a more collaborative and immersive atmosphere.
🔖 This choice not only created a unique ambiance but also garnered the attention of stakeholders towards Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions. By emphasizing the significance of VET education and institutions for the economy and labor market, we aimed to elevate their importance in the eyes of key stakeholders.
🔖 The round table centered around the prerequisites for establishing social enterprises in the engineering field, delving into the challenges and development trends of existing social enterprises, as well as addressing the problems and obstacles faced by such enterprises.
🔖 Attendances were directors and teachers from engineering and IT VET institutions, representatives from NGOs, and employers from the sector, all of whom collaborate closely with the colleges.
🔖 The foundation’s president Ms. Jamkochian delivered a comprehensive presentation on the program, highlighting its relevance and necessity for RA colleges. The discussion covered challenges, opportunities, potential avenues for cooperation, and other pertinent aspects of the initiative.


Education HUB organized a #RoundTable entitled “Social Entrepreneurship and Vocational Education: Innovative Solutions and Challenges” in cooperation with the State Agency for Vocational Education on November 3, 2023.

📌 The Roundtable took place within “Developing Social Entrepreneurship schemes for VET institutions in Neighbourhood East” project.

📌 The project is implemented jointly with the EaP countries and European countries – Italy, Greece, Austria and Luxembourg. The official consortium partner in Azerbaijan is Education HUB.


🖇️ Gulnara Ismailova, Program Manager of Education HUB, made an opening speech. During her speech, she gave detailed information about the “Development of Social Entrepreneurship Schemes for Vocational Education Institutes” Program.

🖇️ Mrs. Ismailova informed participants of the event that a survey will be conducted among vocational education employees, students and interested parties of the labor market in the near future.

🖇️ Nigar Ismayilzade-Asgarova, deputy head of the Department of Work with Employers and Innovative Projects of the State Agency for Vocational Education, emphasized the importance of establishing a dialogue between Vocational Education Institutions and the private sector, as well as learning new international practices for vocational schools.


The "GöychayFest" "Agritourism and Social Entrepreneurship" festival took place in Goychay, Azerbaijan on June 24, 2023. The event brought together social entrepreneurs, agrotourism businesses, and vocational education institutions from various locations of Azerbaijan.

Gulnara Ismailova, Education HUB presented S.E. VET program's "Development of Social Entrepreneurship Structures for VET Institutions of the Eastern Partnership" activities in Azerbaijan next three years.

At the event, speakers included the head of the Goychay District Executive Power, Natig Agayev, the vice chair of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Bariz Mehdiyev, the vice chair of the State Employment Agency, Gulnara Ismailova, the program manager of Education HUB, Azizaga Atakishiyev, the chairman of the Goychay Development Public Union, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, and members of the media. The speakers emphasized the need of holding such a festival in the regions to encourage social entrepreneurship among the population.

Kick Off Meeting - Naples
The Kick off meeting of S.E.VET, an Erasmus+ Capacity Building project of which Cosvitec is the lead partner, which has as its main focus the development of programs related to social entrepreneurship in the vocational training sector of partner countries, organised in 22- 23 March, 2023 in Naples.

During 2 days there was an exchange and discussion with the project partners for the timely analysis of all activities, each working package introduces their upcoming plans.